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Black Headphones

December 2022

New Civil Engineer

NCE editor Claire Smith is joined by deputy editor Rob Horgan and acting news editor Catherine Moore, for the final episode of the year. The trio cast their minds back over the past 12 months, recapping the biggest and most popular news stories of 2022. They then recap their favourite site visits of the year with trips to Germany and Scotland to see major infrastructure projects fondly remembered as well as a trip to the Silvertown Tunnel site in London. 

Image by Dodi Achmad

March 2022

New Civil Engineer

Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) chief inspector Simon French joins NCE senior reporter Catherine Moore to discuss the final report into the fatal Carmont derailment in August 2020. The accident occurred after a passenger train collided with debris washed from a drain onto the track following very heavy rainfall. Tragically three people died and the remaining six people on the train were injured.

Security Camera

December 2018

Estates Gazette

How easily could your mobile phone be hacked? What risks are real estate companies facing in an increasingly digital era? How can you protect yourself? EG spoke to Chris Woods, director of CyberQ Group, and Vishvas Nayi, cybersecurity consultant for CyberQ Group, at this year’s RICS commercial property conference to find out more. From the rise in cyber attacks to companies’ biggest cybersecurity fears, listen for more.

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